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Green Web Hosting – Pursuit of Green Power

Why choose an eco-responsible web hosting?
Eco-Web Hosting: Web hosting is a service that allows data to be stored on a server. This data is then accessible remotely via an internet connection. In this article, we will learn how to find eco-friendly web hosting.

The choice of the host is an important step when you want to create a website that respects the environment.

A website generates electricity consumption (power supply for servers, routers, computers, etc.) linked to its hosting and its audience. The IT sector consumes 2% of the Earth’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Surfing on the wave of “all-ecological”, many marketing speeches have taken off to praise the merits of the economy in terms of accommodation offers.

This consumption has a significant impact on the environment in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, preservation of natural resources and waste management.

Did you know ? A simple Google search consumes as much energy as it takes to turn on an energy-saving light bulb for an hour.

What is eco-hosting?

Green hosting implements environmentally friendly initiatives. Eco Web Hosting claims to be low energy or provide 100% renewable electricity. Another green approach could include longer server update times. General green accommodation

Use renewable energies
Invest in energy efficient equipment and recycle old equipment
Integrating a CSR approach into the company
Make sure that the server is equipped with a specific infrastructure, especially in terms of air conditioning, humidity

Why choose an eco-responsible web hosting?

Today, the environment must be respected. For this reason, there are many options for companies wishing to enter the market. New products go on sale and can be used by all businesses.

When it comes to green web hosting, there are a variety of solutions to choose from.

Companies wishing to use such services must take into account certain basic criteria in order to make the right choice. In particular, they must be aware of the different challenges they will face on a daily basis.
This can range from the frequent replacement of servers, to the management of employees working on the green website, or the need to choose software adapted to the requirements of the client.

Benefits of Green Web Hosting

Green web hosting usually has many advantages, but sometimes these advantages are not significant enough.

Benefits of Green Web Hosting

  • Reduce your ecological footprint.
  • Packages tailored to your needs without overspending.
  • Zero carbon footprint, which can quickly become negative.

Web hosting solutions for different ecosystems

You are looking for an eco-friendly and ecological web hosting You have decided to create your website and you wish to opt for an ecological hosting solution. There are several solutions to host your website.

some ecological hosts

Planethoster Green Hosting

PlanetHoster has been using the colors of GREEN since 2009, its logo is a planet and its values ​​go towards greener and more ecological futuristic accommodation.

As a leader in managed web hosting in French-speaking countries, we are constantly looking to reduce our carbon footprint. We stay true to our vision of ever-changing, more efficient, safer and greener hosting.

PlanetHoster’s Canadian infrastructure uses 100% green energy from hydroelectric dams. Due to Canada’s climate, the cooling systems in our green facilities are naturally powered by green energy.

The outsourcing approach is based on optimizing server and technical resources, promoting energy savings and preventing waste. We respect the life cycle of the server according to a more ecological use.

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Ecological hosting Infomaniak

Ecology and climate are major issues of our time. In this area, Infomaniak’s commitment and ambition go well beyond the usual standards. So much so that we have been offsetting all CO2 emissions and developing our own ethical and environmental charter since 2007. This encourages us to minimize our impact as much as possible.
Build efficient data centers and upgrade server heat

In the virtual world, data centers generate calculations. In the real world, data centers generate heat. Boris Sigenthaler

When players build ocean heating data centers or 53 hectare facilities, our data centers are fully cooled using filtered outside air, no air conditioning is required.

Starting in 2022, we will install solar panels in our data centers, and by the end of 2023 we will have a functioning data center that will recycle all heat generated by servers for winter heating and cooling. hot water in summer. This location aligns with our vision of a data center campus that fits the ecoregion and human scale.

Green Host Ex2

Green Hosting – Green Hosting: At Ex2, we are deeply attached to the world in which we live.

We work every day to make Ex2 environmentally and socially responsible.
Today, data centers represent 2% of global carbon emissions, as much as the airline industry! And the problem is getting worse. By 2040, data centers will generate 14% of global carbon emissions, as much as the United States. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and do something!

By purchasing a hosting plan from us, you are sure to have a hosting service powered by renewable energy at no additional cost. Why not be part of the solution instead of the problem?

For those who wish to get more involved, we have joined forces with Solar Aid to make a gesture for the poorest who will suffer the consequences of global warming sooner than us, in addition to our green accommodation.

In 2021, Ex2 donated over 250 solar-powered lamps, benefiting 1,349 people, saving families nearly €50,000, allowing children to learn an additional 251,400 hours under these lamps, reducing CO2 emissions of 265.3 tonnes, enabling 655 people to lead healthier lives. Help us change the world!

Green Web Hosting | o2switch

Our green approach:
A secret: take full control of our services, always listening to you.

We are both a host and a telecom operator. o2switch takes care of the path from our servers to your visitors! Our goal is to provide you with quality service worthy of consideration.

o2switch primarily uses carbon-free energy. 2019 Breakdown: ~94% carbon-free power and ~6% .carbon-free power We are committed to not placing our data centers where we need our fossil fuels most. o2switch obtains its supplies as far as possible from nearby and French suppliers. When we update our equipment, we recycle and restore our old equipment.

All our waste is sorted and recycled, with the exception of storage media (for data privacy reasons). Air conditioning is one of the most important consumer goods in a data center. We make every effort to obtain a favorable PUE.

If possible, we use the cold outside to cool our infrastructures. We ventilate and regulate the temperature of the room as accurately as possible.

How to choose the right green web hosting solution?
Eco-hosting is a solution to reduce the environmental impact of your website. Why choose an eco-responsible web hosting? Green web hosting has many advantages such as reduced operating and maintenance costs, control of energy consumption and respect for the environment.

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The online service offers companies with websites the opportunity to offset their environmental impact by purchasing RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System) certificates (European Renewable Energy Certification System).

Why choose eco-friendly web hosting?

Green web hosting aims to promote a green economy. This is an important question because of concerns about the impact of our activities on the planet. You should know that the global computer network consumes a lot of electricity and generates waste. When you use a computer, you need to power this device and run its operating system.

Your browser must be loaded and connected to the Internet to read this page. For all these reasons, it is interesting to have a preference for owners who take care of the planet and limit their environmental impact. This means that they recycle e-waste and use renewable energy to run their servers.

The advantages of an ecological web hosting? By choosing a green host, you are doing something for the environment:

  • You help reduce your carbon footprint
  • your participation in the conservation of natural resources
  • You help local businesses

The ecological footprint of websites has exploded in recent years, largely due to their poor design: the weight of web pages is proof of this, multiplied by six between 2008 and 2022. Some hosts offer eco-hosting for reduce energy consumption. To cope with the climate, there is the possibility of ecological web hosting.

Site owners can audit the site to assess the situation, improve it and demonstrate its level of green computing and accessibility. The first step to reducing the ecological footprint of a website is mainly to reduce the download time of a page.

All in all, while web hosting is indeed a significant chunk of your website budget, you should still be aware that it is only a small portion of your total budget for building and managing your website. website. Plus, ecohosts can make the planet a better place. It is also a way for companies using energy-intensive servers to demonstrate their commitment to protecting the environment.

A French web host focused on ecology

Green energy continues to gain momentum and that’s good, in a world that is changing quickly and above all that is warming up too quickly. It was logical that some hosts are seriously addressing the issue of renewable energy, since everyone in society talks about it and is rightly concerned about it. The climate is a matter that concerns us all, in the same way as the preservation of the oceans and seas. In short, we must all make choices, in order to act in the direction of respect for nature, because without this, we cannot pretend to actively combat the warming of our planet, which will ultimately have disastrous consequences. Therefore, we, the actors of the web, absolutely have to do something, in this case, choose a French web host which implements ecological solutions for sites, whether commercial or informative.

Green web hosting is a solution

It is possible to get information on specialized sites about the web and its evolutions or even more simply to consult, to begin at least, the reading of this another article on the subject, which is quite enlightening on what is being implemented today in our country to develop theeco-friendly web hosting. We thus learn that the actors of the hexagonal Internet are among those who really act to offer professionals and amateurs wishing to create a small blog, solutions to host their sites without understanding the impact that this could have on the environment. Everyone should be able to find ways to reduce their daily impact on the planet, so let’s start with the internet, since that’s the area in which we work. At home, we can explain to the generations that follow us that it exists and that we are doing what it takes to leave them a planet as clean as we can.

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