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5 things that will help you save energy

  • 84% of French people try to reduce their energy consumption as much as possible.
  • Smart plugs and solar-powered cell phone chargers will help reduce consumption.

84% of Spaniards try to reduce their energy consumption as much as possible
Smart plugs and solar-powered cell phone chargers will help reduce consumption.

The report on energy prices and costs in Europe, carried out by the European Commission, places Spain in fifth place among the countries where electricity is the most expensive on the continent, behind Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Portugal. These exorbitant prices, combined with the difficulty of reading the bill, meant that in the last quarter of 2018, electricity was the service most poorly perceived by consumers, according to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). Faced with this panorama, it is not surprising that 84% of Spaniards try to reduce their energy consumption as much as possible, according to a study by, since this is one of the few ways to reduce the bill, with the change of electricity company and the reduction of the subscribed power. Reducing the cost of electricity at home is not difficult, but it is true that sometimes you have to give yourself the means to see a considerable reduction in your bill. At, we’ve compiled some of the most effective gadgets for you to cut your home’s energy costs in one fell swoop.

Intelligent lighting systems

It’s easy to save energy on your home lighting by changing a few habits and installing the right gadgets. The first thing to do is to buy energy-efficient light bulbs for all the light points in your home. But also, if you install motion sensor lights, you won’t have to worry about turning them on or leaving them off when you leave a room, because when they don’t sense any movement for a while, they go dark. turn off on their own. You can also use dimmable bulbs, which allow you to choose the intensity of the light depending on the time of day and your mood.

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Smart outlets

How many times have you left the house thinking you left an electronic device plugged in? One day it’s the iron and another day it’s just a cell phone charger, but the truth is that both are a major expense for your household throughout the year. You can solve this problem, and the risk of leaving the iron on, with a programmable outlet. There are models that you have to manually program on the device itself that don’t give you many other options. However, you can also buy remote-controlled sockets. You can turn them off or on from an application on your mobile phone, wherever you are. You also have the option of buying one with a motion sensor, so it lights up when there’s activity in its range.

Solar chargers

If you are one of those people who spend all day charging their cell phone even if it is not necessary, because you do not like to see your battery half empty and leave the charger plugged in and forget about it , you have an option to save energy: solar chargers. There are many types, but the most important thing is that they only need sunlight to charge your cell phone battery and they are portable, so no more asking what the charger is. be hip in the bars while you have a drink.

Programmable thermostat

In winter as in summer, it is not uncommon for a house to experience periods of very low and very high temperatures. Arriving home and setting the thermostat to maximum to be comfortable as quickly as possible is the best way to waste a lot of energy. To avoid this, there are programmable thermostats. There are several types: those that you must program on the device itself and those that you can control via an app. This will allow you to control the temperature from your mobile phone. So you can turn it on a few hours before you get home, at the right temperature, so that when you get home it will be pleasantly warm or cold, without those drastic temperature changes.

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Electricity consumption meter

It is not so easy to find the key to monitoring one’s consumption and the times when one uses certain devices to save electricity. You really need to know what spends the most, otherwise you won’t be able to save as much as you intend. To help you, there are consumption meters, which allow you to monitor your expenses and what you spend, so that when it comes to saving money, you can focus more specifically on the devices whose controller indicates that they waste electricity.

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