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What are the most efficient heating systems?

  • Natural gas, electric heaters, biomass and air conditioners are the main efficient heating systems.
  • The choice will depend on size, location, or climate, among other factors.
  • efficient heating systems

The efficiency of a heating system depends on the characteristics of your home. Thus, the most efficient system for one person may not be for another. Among the characteristics of a house that most influence the greater or lesser consumption of energy to heat it are its size, its orientation, the climate of the region where it is located and the insulation of its walls, roofs, doors. and windows.

Thus, the most efficient heating systems for a large house located in a cold territory will not be the best for small houses located in regions with a mild climate. At Rastreator, we have selected the most efficient installations for each case.

Natural gas

Natural gas systems are most efficient for cold climates and large homes, or for district heating of an apartment building. Its main virtue is that, as it is a closed system, it takes advantage of much of the heat lost by steam, allowing it to heat more with less gas. It is also the best way to maintain uniformly high temperatures throughout the building.

However, the cost of the installation must be taken into account, since it requires a boiler, a network of pipes to distribute the hot water and a series of radiators distributed in the different rooms of the house. Despite this, in the long term, it is one of the most economical in places with low temperatures, since gas is a cheap energy source compared to other energy sources such as electricity.

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It is one of the most widely used systems in Spain, especially in large cities, where there are usually natural gas installations. In other regions without this service, it can also be used with butane gas cylinders. It’s just as efficient, but more cumbersome, because you’ll have to change these containers when they’re empty.

Electric heaters

Electric heaters are effective for small homes and temperate areas where they will not be used extensively, as in these cases a natural gas installation would be a waste of energy and money.

The great advantage of electric heating is that the cost of installation is low or, in the case of portable models, zero. They are also more versatile and require very little maintenance. The big disadvantage is that electricity is more expensive than gas or biomass.

Electric radiators are an effective option if we only want to heat a specific area of ​​the house or if they are used sporadically. For example, during the coldest weeks in an area with mild winters.


This is a good system for small homes in cold climates, or for selective room heating. It is the most efficient of all those selected because it emits a lot of heat and is fueled by wood and various waste, so the energy cost is very low. In addition, its installation is simple, since it suffices to place the cooker in the desired location and to install the flue in such a way as to allow the smoke to escape to the outside.

However, due to its installation and consumption requirements, it is generally reserved for rural areas, where it is easier to find space both for the location of the fireplace and for the storage of wood.

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Air conditioner

This system is suitable for mild climates and small houses or selective heating. It is the least effective of all, but in areas where the cold is not intense, it is a versatile solution to deal with occasional drops in temperature, since larger installations would entail unnecessary expense.

It is particularly recommended in warm regions where it has already been installed for the summer, so that no additional installation costs are necessary. However, it should always be kept in mind that its autonomy is short and that its continued use will considerably increase the electricity consumption and the electricity bill.

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