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Estimate the value of your house or apartment in a few clicks

How to estimate the price of a good?

Estimate the value of your property: Do you want to estimate the price of your property? Whether to sell, buy or inherit, it is often necessary to know the value of a property, and several solutions are available to you for your real estate valuation:

• Comparison methods include using industry transaction prices to more accurately estimate properties. This method is mostly used by real estate agents.
• Valuing properties from a database helps establish a price range for a specific type of property or location.
• Expertise of the cargo determines the amount of repairs needed to restore the cargo. This solution is generally used when the property is not habitable.

• Use an online tool to get a price range and calculate the exact amount at the exact moment: online estimate of a house or an apartment.

The tax administration offers two free online tools, namely:

Patrim tool to find out the sale price of a property (house or land) that matches your criteria.
DVF Land Value Request Database, which lists all land sales (built or not) made in the last five years.

Why is property valuation so important?

How much is my property worth? First of all, you should know that the price per square meter is an important indicator for most potential buyers. It is therefore important to study it carefully.

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The first criterion to look at is the area of ​​the property. It must be sufficient for household needs (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and storage). The surface of the house is calculated according to the number of rooms, their area and their ceiling heights.

The second criterion is the location of the accommodation. It is important to know the amenities, nearby surroundings and public transport.

The last criterion is related to the neighborhood, it must be pleasant and close to all amenities (shops, schools, public transport, etc.).

Therefore, the price of the house is an important criterion to consider before starting a real estate project. Remember that buying a home is also an investment that will save you money and prepare for your retirement, so it is important not to ignore it.

Estimate your property online

The estimate of the price of a property takes into account the quality of the property (surface, number of rooms, location), the immediate environment and the points of interest of the established area (transport, amenities, schools, etc.) . ).

Estimates reflect market values ​​based on real estate sales history surrounding the appraised property.
A good online tool will also show you how prices have changed over the years and list comparable properties sold by estate agents.

The estimates are based on precise and objective criteria such as the number of rooms, the quality of the goods, the selling prices estimated by most real estate agents.

Online appraisals are very fast and allow you to know in a few clicks the value of the appraised property, the price per square meter and the amount of the rent. This estimate applies to houses, apartments, but also duplexes, triplexes, lofts, studios and mansions.

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Online estimates save time and avoid unnecessary visits, but do not replace actual visits.
Results are presented as price ranges and percentage estimates, including price ranges per square meter, community, and living space. Estimates are calculated automatically based on data provided by Internet users.

What are the free online estimating tools?

There are many real estate valuation tools online, including:

  • accommodation
  • best agency
  • Orpi
  • dad
  • good here
  • Funcia
  • logic immunity
  • Security
  • Farnem

many real estate agents
Remember that selling a home from a real estate agent gives you a free estimate of your home’s value, and because they know your industry so well, the estimate can be more accurate. Each property is unique and carefully considered.

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